About Us

The Public Authorities Project was established by Albany Law School’s Government Law Center in 2004 to provide information and analysis concerning the practices and proposed reforms relating to New York State and local public authorities and to assist public authorities in achieving compliance with applicable law.

The Public Authorities Information Clearinghouse was created to collect, annotate and categorize written materials pertaining to public authorities. We’re still under construction, but when complete, we expect that this web site will have cataloged much of the available information relating to public authorities nation-wide, as well as key information concerning the use of public authorities in the international community.

The Government Law Center also maintains the Public Authorities Blog, which is intended to provide up-to-date news and analysis concerning the laws, practices, and proposed reforms relating the state and local public authorities in New York.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and general feedback. Contact us here.


Scott Fein, project director
, project coordinator



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