PAIC Publications

Ethics and the Workforce

Ethics training is not currently available to State Public Authority management personnel, nor is it available to State Public Authorities by the Commission on Public Integrity and the Office of Employee Relations.  It is recommended that State Public Authority management personnel should have mandated ethics training and the Commission on Public Integrity or other entity should be authorized to provide such training.

Financial Disclosure and Screening Potential Public Authority Board Conflicts

Discusses two recommendations to help board members identify and avoid conflicts of interest at board meetings.  The first allows an ethics officer to receive a Financial Disclosure Statement concurrently when it is submitted to the Commission or have the Commission transmit a copy to an ethics officer when it is filed in order for the ethics officer to determine any conflicts of interests.  The second allows an ethics officer to make a list of identifying information attached to items on the board meeting agenda so that board members can self-identify any potential conflicts of interest with an ethics officer then determining if the conflict merits recusal.

Diversity on the Board of State Public Authorities

Gender and racial/ethnic diversity on the boards of state authorities is very low and not representative of state populations.  Diversity provides new perspectives and considerations during the decision making process.  With many positions open or becoming open in the next few years, there is an opportunity to achieve greater diversity on the boards.

Selection of Public Authority Board Members

Public Authority Audit Committee Little Pocket Handbook

Details desired qualifications for potential committee members, along with expectations of and responsibilities for committee members and the committee itself.


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